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Hi, I'm Linda. I make banners of my favorite characters, couples, and shows on TV from past to present. Feel free to use them because I make them for others to enjoy as much as myself, but just remember if you copy them and post them to social media or other sites, just please don't forget where you got it and site me as the source, reblog, or send me a tweet.

Banners I've made of couples/characters you can find on my blog:
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Soap Couples: Ejole, Chadam, Hevon, WilSon, Shick, Lope.

Favorite Shows on air now (alphabetical): Arrow, Bates Motel, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Dallas, Game of Thrones, Hart of Dixie, Justified, Nashville, Scandal, Sons of Anarchy, So You Think You Can Dance, Suits, Teen Wolf, The 100, The Voice, TrueBlood, TVD.

Oh, and I've written 2 fanfics (Delena, Olicity). Links are below.

October, the month of our dreams…

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Reblog if you are Team Pamela&John Ross

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Reblog if you are Team Pamela&John Ross

Did someone really say this was the season of Lydia?  Every main character and secondary character got more to do than her.  She was like filler in most episodes. How is that possible to demote a main character when Allison, the other main girl, was gone this year?  Lydia should have been the main female, they should have had a funeral for Allison where Stiles comforted her.And this season should have shown Lydia finally acknowledging Stiles as someone she has grown to really care about and reciprocate his feelings.

I mean after almost a dozen episodes this season, I still don’t know much more about what Lydia can do or how she feels about Stiles.  I mean, how do you kiss Stiles, react like they did (we all saw their faces) and never ever think about it?  Not even one little daydream?  I mean, does she really have no jealousy over his new relationship?  

Seems Stiles moved on like a champ who has no residual feelings and Lydia — well, Lydia, I have no idea how she feels.

This season was majorly disappointing on all fronts and the continuity of Stydia and their progression sucked.

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So Stiles and Lydia have been around since episode one and are nowhere close to being together, but Scott and Stiles are both now in relationships with people who weren’t even around till S3.  Stydia is either a very, very, very slow burn or are being ignored.  I choose the former.

I’ve forgotten about S4 already.  Bring on Season 5tydia.

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Now that’s a work of art right there.  Where can I get one?

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(Set 2 of 2)

More John Ross & Pamela banners I made.  I think I’m gonna go back and watch them from the beginning.  We’re only on S3 and they’re worth a second look.  They were so good at being bad and when they got together it was so good.  I need them to work it out after John Ross gets his shit together.  

So much natural chemistry with this couple.  I would suggest anyone who hasn’t watched Dallas TNT to check it out because these two have it all.  They’re worth it.  

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Pamela and John Ross banners because, hell, this scene was everything and the chemistry is crazy.  I just wish more people watched Dallas because this couple is amazing.  Yes, John Ross is a scoundrel who deserves to be smacked but he’s JR’s son.  I didn’t expect any less.   Pamela has bad girl in her too, so they just work.

But I still root for him and Pamela like I used to root for JR and Sue Ellen. 

(Set 1 of 2)

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Shick banners I made from The Young and the Restless.

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More Hope and LIam Banners

(Set 2 of 2)

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Hope & Liam banners 

(Set 1 of 2)

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Teen Wolf needs to take a page from Arrow and stop pushing Stydia apart and push them towards each other and let them make out and fall in love.  Damn it.  I mean, we’re close to ending season 4.

I know third parties are always introduced but should be eliminated without prolonged periods of waiting and time wasted and eventually deemed unnecessary when it’s apparent the main couple’s progress and relationship has proven without a doubt to hold the audience’s interest all on their very own and their own internal obstacles or storyline is sufficient and we have adequate angst and slowburn to be ready for more and to move on to the next level.

We need Stydia to move toward something more before the momentum is lost and everyone is left frustrated with no payoff.  It ended so well in S3 and S4 has been a major letdown in their progression.

I so need Stydia in S5.  It’s long overdue.

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How did we ever live without Olicity, that’s what I wanna know?

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Do you know how many Olicity banners I can make just from that first episode of season 3?  Seriously, this will be the most Olicity we’ve seen in an episode in so long.  I’m dying to get my hands on an HD version so I can slowly screencap every scene and every look and every kiss and every sigh and just squeal between each and every one.  

I love you, Olicity, I really do.  There’s things in life that may be make believe, like characters on tv shows, but the emotions and feelings that are created from such characters could never be more real.

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Hilary & Devon banners I made from Young & The Restless.

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So we get Okissity?  Holy shit!

I can’t believe they spoiled this.  Did I want to know or be surprised?  All I know right now is that the way Oliver is touching her is ridiculously hot and I can’t think of anything else.

Well, so far I haven’t seen their lips touch in pics so are there any like that?  If not, they probably showed it like this because someone comes in to interrupt them.  They’ll make us wait all season probably.

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