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Hi, I'm Linda. I make banners of my favorite characters, couples, and shows on TV from past to present. Feel free to use them because I make them for others to enjoy as much as myself, but just remember if you want to use them and post them on tumblr, twitter, or other sites, just please don't forget where you got it and site me as the source, reblog it, or send me a tweet.

Banners I've made of couples/characters you can find on my blog:
JaxTara, SAMCRO, Delena, Steroline, Olicity, TeamArrow, LoVe, Zade, Brucas, Emily/Nolan, PaceyJoey, Olitz, Stydia, Bellarke, FinnClarke, Harvey/Donna, Mike/Rachel, Sam/Dean, John Ross/Pamela, Dawsey, Lindseride/Linstead, Burzek, Romery, Draylor.

Soap Couples: Ejole, Chadam, Hevon, WilSon, Shick, Lope.

Favorite Shows on air now (alphabetical): Arrow, Bates Motel, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Dallas, Game of Thrones, Hart of Dixie, Justified, Nashville, Scandal, Sons of Anarchy, So You Think You Can Dance, Suits, Teen Wolf, The 100, The Voice, TrueBlood, TVD.

Oh, and I've written 2 fanfics (Delena, Olicity). Links are below.

Season 2 of Arrow had good Olicity for first 1/3 of season and then it slacked for a number of episodes only to pick up at the end.  I remember thinking I wanted more scenes for banners.  I have a feeling that this season I’m gonna have more Olicity than I know what to do with.  Oh, no, that’s a lie.  I know exactly what to do with it.  Make tons of banners of all that happiness, angst, sadness, Angst, sexiness, ANGST, and hopefully lots of kissing, and I’m sure the list goes on…

I so love to make banners that bring my favorite characters and couples to life by catching a particular moment in time, a brief glimpse or an expression and screencapping it, whether it’s a smile, a longing look, a frown, a jealous face, etc., then making banners out of those pics and sharing them with you guys.

Olicity Season 3 is going to be everything…

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Make no bones about it, Monday’s 2-hour #DallasTNT season finale changes everything. Don’t miss it! #WhichEwingDies

Not John Ross, please.

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(Set 2 of 2)

More Pamela and John Ross banners.  I can’t get enough of these two.  

Please be a Season 4 of dallastnt

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John Ross & Pamela banners from dallastnt S3-E13:  ”Boxed In.”

 and  are so fun to watch as John Ross & Pamela whether she thinks she hates him or loves him!

You two work it out…

(Set 1 of 2)

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More Banners from sonsofanarchyfx S7-E2: “Toil and Till”

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Banners I made from S7-E2:  ”Toil and Till” of sonsofanarchyfx

It’s getting crazy up in here…

(Set 1 of 2)

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Shay and Severide, one of the best guy/girl friendships I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on any television show.

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Dawsey banners I made from S2.

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John Ross & Pamela from S3-E12.  They may be fighting but boy do they know how to look good doing it.  Pamela is on fire!!

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Shawson banners from Season 2.  

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Stydia Week!

(Set 2 of 2)

I know we have a long wait till Season 5, but hopefully we can get our point across that it’s Lydia and  Stiles we want and we’re not giving up on them.  Stiles was so un-Stiles most of last season and the thing I love about him is his love for Lydia was so innocent but so pure and it was his soul focus to get her to notice him for so long.  They built a friendship and it seemed like it would move on from there.  But their developing relationship stalled this season and we no longer had that perfect dynamic anymore.  The show swayed too far away from that this season.  Next season I want to see Lydia falling for Stiles and Stiles showing he’s still in love with her, period.  Or what’s the point of any of it? 

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A compilation of my Stydia banners for Stydia week, because we all know what they are, were, can be, and hopefully will be again.  I hope to God they realize what a mistake they made in S4 by messing with the Stydia formula that worked for the first 3 seasons.  Let’s get back to that.

(Set 1 of 2)

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All work and no play sucks!  


But someone’s gotta bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.

But October 8th is my day off!!

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Sons of Anarchy Banners from the S7 Premiere.

(SET 2 OF 2)

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