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Hi, I'm Linda. I make banners of my favorite characters, couples, and shows on TV from past to present. Feel free to use them because I make them for others to enjoy as much as myself, but just remember if you want to use them and post them on tumblr, twitter, or other sites, just please don't forget where you got it and site me as the source, reblog it, or send me a tweet.

Banners I've made of couples/characters you can find on my blog:
JaxTara, SAMCRO, Delena, Steroline, Olicity, TeamArrow, LoVe, Zade, Brucas, Emily/Nolan, PaceyJoey, Olitz, Stydia, Bellarke, FinnClarke, Harvey/Donna, Mike/Rachel, Sam/Dean, John Ross/Pamela, Deacon/Rayna, Juliette/Avery, Scarlett/Gunnar, Dawsey, Lindseride/Linstead, Burzek, Romery, Draylor.

Soap Couples: Ejole, Chadam, Hevon, WilSon, Shick, Lope.

Favorite Shows on air now (alphabetical): Arrow, Bates Motel, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Dallas, Game of Thrones, Hart of Dixie, Justified, Nashville, Scandal, Sons of Anarchy, So You Think You Can Dance, Suits, Teen Wolf, The 100, The Voice, TrueBlood, TVD.

Oh, and I've written 2 fanfics (Delena, Olicity). Links are below.

Banners of Will and Sonny (WilSon) from Days of our Lives.  These are banners with Chandler Massey in the role of Will and Freddie Smith as Sonny.

These were requested by leahmoulder5 from tumblr.  

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